about detestable phrases

Detestable Phrases (DP) is a collection of phrases that the editors find detestable. This means that under no condition – save precise and nuanced irony, or in reference to their detestability – can and/or should these phrases be accepted in normal conversation. We’re the MPAA Ratings Board of vernacular English, if you will.

A tip: To understand why they are detestable, think of the douchiest, most “typical” 40-year-old guy uttering each. Then tell us we’re wrong. We dare you.


5 Responses to “about detestable phrases”

  1. The Rev. Jeremiah Says:

    may I suggest “green-collar jobs,” the consultant-speak cure-all for North America’s economic and environmental woes?

  2. Ma-reeeeeeeeeeeeee Says:

    Can I say something…ok good, seriously I HATE people who say they are “home owners” who are not “home owners” but rather condo owners. WTF! There is a MAJOR diff between owning a home and owning a condo. Apologies, I can’t expect “home owners” to understand. The only people that would understand are actual HOME OWNERS! PEOPLE GET IT RIGHT!

  3. Devin Says:

    I’d like to nominate “in and of itself” for your consideration…

  4. lulu Says:

    dear ma-reeeeeee:

    congrats! you’ve inspired me to suggest a phrase as well: “elitist prick”

    oh wait, we need that phrase to describe people like you, whooopsie.

  5. Tim Says:

    As a fellow elitist prick, I celebrate the existence of this resource.

    Please consider “going forward” and all its variants.

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