Party foul!


party referee?

Stop. Collaborate. And listen: There is no such thing as a party referee. Referees are, by definition, people who mete out penalties for inappropriate behaviors, such as unnecessary roughness (belligerent drunks), hand-checking (elbows will fly when drinks are in hand and in stomach), charging (people drunkenly trying to reenact “The Lift” from Dirty Dancing), blocking (of the cock- variety), etc. But any person with a fun bone in his or her body knows one basic truth:

Those things = Good party

Yes, there are spilled drinks from limbs flailed, and yes, sometimes someone “travels” over to the iPod to skip Europe’s “The Final Countdown” because he or she has no proper sense of irony. But guess what, party ref? That comes with the territory, meaning it is in no way “out of bounds.”


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