giving it the old college try.


what does it mean, to give a thing “the old college try?” is this supposed to be an oxymoron? i ask only because personal experience has shown me that many among the collegiate bunch do not, in fact “try” very hard at anything, unless that “anything” is:

1. boning a hot chick.
2. popping a collar.
3. making grunting noises whilst lifting weights at the gym.
4. drinking to (in)capacity.
5. understanding what dave matthews really means when he sings, “don’t drink the water.” the bong water?

in any event: any insight into the linguistic origins of “the old college try” would be much appreciated. thank you.


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2 Responses to “giving it the old college try.”

  1. Devin Says:

    This is not “insight” per se, but I think it’s important to remember Calvin’s dad’s input on the topic:

    “Calvin’s father may also have been a party animal in college. In one strip, Calvin is looking through his father’s college yearbook and finds a picture of him standing next to a keg, wearing a ‘Party Naked’ T-shirt. In another strip, he defined ‘the ol’ college try’ as, ‘when you gather your friends, grab some cheap beer, order a pizza, and forget about tomorrow.'”

  2. Jon z Says:

    Hey! Grunting makes you lift better

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