children are made to bear an unfair share of the detestable phrases load. they’re labeled “tykes” and “youngsters,” all at an age when they’re too young to defend themselves. worst of all, though, is when someone calls them “munchkins.”  someone says “munchkin,” and my reaction one of the following: 

1. extreme discomfort.

2. extreme hunger. 

neither reaction bodes well for a child. for safety reasons, children should never be equated with oz creatures or delicious orbs. it’s just common sense.   


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2 Responses to “munchkin.”

  1. Katie Says:

    At least “munchkin” is kind of cute. “Youngster” is just plain wrong. I am the only one who thinks it’s one of the creepiest words ever?

  2. Filliam Says:

    I agree with Katie. Also, I hate the term “munchkin” specifically because donuts are awesome and children are disgusting. Whenever my brain is forced to accept that “munchkin” inaccurately refers to both, it gets really, really mad.

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